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Our Process

Lea+Elliott's role in a new project may occur at any point in a project's lifecycle from the onset of planning to the opening for passenger service - and often we frequently walk the client throughout the entire process. During the earliest planning of the transit system, we work with owners and other key stakeholders to define their needs and conceptually define the system. From the onset we recognize that the funding and project delivery elements are critical keys to success. Throughout the process, we help our clients successfully navigate complex decisions related to funding strategies (including public-private partnerships and concessionaire approaches) and project delivery options. Our expertise in environmental approval processes, transit system technologies, and infrastructure design and construction, enables us to deliver the complete transportation project (from concept to passenger service). Lea+Elliott's scope of services also includes operations and maintenance start-up and best practices, and planning for system expansion and rehabilitation. This process optimizes technology, fosters competitive procurement, and provides schedule improvement opportunities, and ultimately results in a stronger investment and project execution strategy.