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Throughout our history, Lea+Elliott has been an industry leader in assisting federal, state and local government agencies as well as the private sector by defining and evaluating procurement methodologies, developing work scopes, preparing technical specifications and commercial contract documents, performing technical oversight and undertaking project management. Funding of transportation systems has been a mix of public and private equity investment, with public-private partnership and concessionaire delivery approaches sometimes being the only viable mechanism to bring investment to a complex transportation project with multiple stakeholders and jurisdictions. We know that the transportation project as a whole, is more than the sum of its parts – we have successfully developed strategic project structuring options to attract investment for projects that provide long-term economic benefits not only to the investor but also the public sector through the creation of increased economic growth opportunities. Our work has resulted in the successful implementation and operation of numerous transit systems in accordance with public sector procurement regulations and standards.

Lea+Elliott’s major resource is a highly professional staff of experienced and recognized specialists who are constantly striving to advance and improve transportation technology and services, while adhering to proven safety principles.

Areas of staff specialization include:

  • Multimodal Transportation Planning, Concepts and Strategies
  • Feasibility and Preliminary Engineering Studies
  • Transit Infrastructure and System Integration
  • Technology and Project Assessment
  • Train and Operating Simulations
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning and Evaluation
  • Capital and O&M Cost Estimates
  • Market Analysis
  • System/Equipment Procurement
  • Project Implementation, Management and Oversight
  • Safety Analysis
  • Transit Vehicle Design
  • Conventional Fixed Block and Moving Block Train Control Systems
  • Communications Based Train Control
  • Value Engineering
  • Valuation